About Start Master

Start Master encases the starter solenoid. Once installed, it serves as a gateway to the Engine starter,thus providing a last line of defense
against vehicle theft. The Start Master is installed on the starter solenoid,making access to the starter extremely difficult and time consuming for

Features & Benefits

Separation from car systems:

  • With the Start Master ignition is not possible even if the vechicle’s computer is replaced.
  • The Start Master operates in conjunction with satellite and other vehicle tracking systems,ignition disconnect systems,usage prevention systems,etc.


  • The Start Master is made of non-metallic material,and has no impact on car electronics or other systems in the vehicle.

Installation and Maintenance:

  • The Start Master is simple to install.
  • The Start Master is maintenance free and does not impact regular vehicle maintenance.

Reduce auto theft risks and damages.

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Save time and money by reducing auto theft damages.

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Auto Manufacturers
Auto dealers
Give your clients the last line of defense against vehicle thefts.

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Security Systems
Simple to install system - Less than 20 minutes.

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